Skiing and snowboarding are hazardous activities that can lead to injury and any use of Chel-Ski slopes not in accordance with the instructor’s instructions may also be hazardous and lead to injury. Chel-Ski have taken every possible step to ensure that you have a completely safe and fun experience through the use of appropriate equipment and the employment of a qualified and experienced team. Chel-Ski and its staff (also herein referred to as “we”) will endeavour to provide a service to you with reasonable care and skill. Your safety and enjoyment are our prime concern; we want to ensure that you achieve your objectives and have as much fun as possible in a safe environment.

In the absence of negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation by Chel-Ski or its staff, neither Chel-Ski nor its employees or agents shall accept any responsibility for the death, personal injury or illness sustained by any customer or guest while on Chel-Ski premises due to negligence on the part of participants.

All participants are required to complete and sign a disclaimer form agreeing to Chel-Ski’s Terms & Conditions BEFORE they can begin skiing / snowboarding on Chel-Ski slopes, the purpose of which is to ensure that the risks inherent in the sport of skiing or snowboarding are acknowledged (the signature of a parent or guardian is required for any participants under the age of 16). Please click here to see a copy of the disclaimer form.

Fitness To Participate

All sporting activities demand a degree of agility, strength and stamina. It is not the responsibility of Chel-Ski to know whether or not a customer is medically fit and able to ski or snowboard. It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm that he / she is so fit and able. If you are in any doubt about your ability to participate, we advise you to speak to a member of Chel-Ski staff. By signing up to an activity you acknowledge the conditions and participation agreements and that you are in a fit state of health to participate.

Booking Policies

In making any booking with Chel-Ski you are accepting all of Chel-Ski’s terms and conditions. When you purchase a Chel-Ski product or a voucher from Chel-Ski / external provider, you become legally bound by these terms and conditions. Please do not purchase a Chel-Ski product or complete a booking until you have read and understood these terms and conditions.

All bookings (ski or snowboard sessions, private slope hire, school bookings, parties and corporate events) must be paid for in advance, otherwise you will not be allowed to participate.

All prices include tuition, supervision, feedback provided by a qualified instructor, supply of boots, skis and helmets (helmets are mandatory for any participants aged 12 and under). You are welcome to bring and use your own boots but all participants are required to use the specially prepared skis / snowboards provided by Chel-Ski.

For regular ski sessions, the minimum age is 5 (we can cater for 3 and 4 year olds, but only as part of a private 1:1 lesson or during private family time slope hire). For regular snowboarding lessons, the minimum age is 8.  An adult MUST accompany any child under 16.

Any purchase of a slot that is not immediately scheduled to a specific session will be issued by Chel-Ski in the form of a voucher, which will show a unique reference and a clearly stated expiry date. All vouchers must be used prior to that date or they will be forfeited.

ChelSki offers a Multiple Sessions scheme whereby you can purchase 10 sessions for the price of 8, or 6 sessions for the price of 5.  Sessions need to be completed within twelve months from the date of purchase.  After this date, any unused sessions will expire without refund. The free sessions which form part of the Multiple Sessions scheme will be allocated at the end of the schedule. This means that customers will pay for their first sessions before receiving the free sessions that form part of their purchase.

Chel-Ski accepts no responsibility for any lost or stolen vouchers; any lost or stolen voucher will not be replaced. Failure to produce a valid voucher on the day of your session means that full payment will be required to cover the cost of the session before you will be allowed to proceed with registration. This payment may be refunded on receipt of a valid voucher within 28 days of your session date.

The cash value of any voucher is £0.01.

Booking confirmations will be delivered by email to the email address provided by the person making the booking. If you do not receive your booking confirmation please contact us immediately so that we can re-send to an alternative email address.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellation or amendment initiated by the customer

Our cancellation policy for standard session bookings allows customers to cancel (or amend) their booking providing this is done up to 48 hours before their original session start time. If you need to cancel your booking, Chel-Ski will either refund your original payment or issue a voucher - to the same value and conditions as applied to the original booking - for future redemption.

If you need to cancel or re-book your session please call the reception team on while the phone lines are open (please check our website for times). 

In the event of any no-shows (where a customer fails to turn up for a session and has given no advance warning), the customer’s slot will be forfeited with absolutely no right of refund or reschedule.

For 1:1 sessions, family time slope hire, children’s parties and school bookings, our cancellation policy allows customers to cancel (or amend) their booking providing this is done up to 7 days before their booking start time. After this time, no refunds / transfers will be permitted.  For all other types of slope hire or venue hire, separate cancellation terms apply and this information will be provided during the enquiry stage and re-confirmed at time of booking.

Cancellation or amendment by Chel-Ski

Chel-Ski reserves the right to cancel or change a customer's booking at any time if there are an insufficient number of slots booked for the relevant session or if scheduled maintenance or training is required. Chel-Ski will never implement this condition without giving the customer at least 24 hours notice. In the event of a cancellation of your booking (as opposed to a re-scheduling of it) Chel-Ski will refund the full value of the booking to you but will not accept any additional costs incurred.

If for any reason Chel-Ski is unable to provide the service promised for reasons beyond its reasonable control, we will endeavour to re-arrange your session. We will not, however, accept responsibility for any additional costs that may arise as a result of the situation being beyond our reasonable control.

Slope Policies

Customers are required to check in with Chel-Ski’s reception staff at least 15 minutes prior to their session start time; this is to allow adequate time for you to be fitted with boots, skis / snowboard and helmet and to discuss session objectives with the Chel-Ski instructor.

Helmets MUST be worn by any child aged 12 or under. Chel-Ski strongly recommends all participants wear a helmet but it is not mandatory for persons aged 13 years or over. Any participant aged 13 + who decides not to wear a helmet accepts that any injury caused by the lack of a helmet being worn is entirely their own responsibility.

When using the slope all participants must comply with instructions given by the Chel-Ski instructor and any slope signage.

Chel-Ski requires a parent / guardian to remain onsite at all times while their child / children or charge(s) under 16 years of age are using the facilities.

Our standard hour-long sessions can accommodate up to 6 people.  During the session, customers are normally split into 2 groups with each group having approximately 30 minutes of slope time. Slope time may be divided into two periods of 15 minutes or three periods of 10 minutes.

A maximum of 3 adult skiers (or 2 adult boarders during a snowboarding session) are permitted on the slope together at any one time. Up to 4 juniors are allowed on the slopes together during a ski session (up to 3 juniors during a snowboarding session).

We run separate sessions for skiers and boarders and wherever possible - as part of our booking process - we always aim to match customers of a similar age and proficiency so we can progress each session at the right pace.

As a rule we do not mix adults and juniors on the slope at the same time, unless there is a specific request to do so or during private family time slope hire.

Chel-Ski reserves the right to change its slope policies from time to time.

Antisocial Behaviour

Chel-Ski will not accept antisocial behaviour on the slopes or anywhere within the centre. If any customer / guest is abusive to any other customer / guest or a member of our staff, Chel-Ski reserves the right to remove the offending person from our premises without any refund.

There is a zero tolerance approach to banned substances. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited unless this has been agreed as part of a private party / corporate event booking, where alcohol is only to be consumed by customers AFTER they have finished skiing / snowboarding on the slopes. Those bringing unauthorised alcohol into the centre will be asked to leave. Customers are not permitted to take part in skiing / snowboarding activities under the influence of alcohol; Chel-Ski staff reserve the right to refuse access to the slopes if they suspect you may be under the influence of alcohol or any banned substance.

Food & Drink

Customers / guests are not permitted to consume food or drink onsite unless it has been purchased from The Alpine Café. The exception to this is where an area of the Alpine Café has been reserved for a children’s birthday party, or outside catering has been agreed as part of a private party / corporate event booking.

Customer / Guest Property

Lockers are available to store items securely (you will need a £1 coin per locker); items are stored at your own risk.

Neither Chel-Ski nor its employees or agents will accept any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to valuables or any personal possessions that belong to any customer or guest during their visit to the centre.

For lost property enquiries please contact . If your item is found, it will be held for a maximum period of one month after which time the item will be donated to charity if it remains unclaimed. Chel-Ski accepts no responsibility for returning items to you, or for any items of lost property that remain unclaimed within this timeframe.


Chel-Ski sends out information to its customers via email from time to time about the centre, special offers and events. A box on the disclaimer form allows you to indicate if you would rather not receive this information from us.

Chel-Ski undertakes that in the event of photographs or video footage being taken of a session, it will only use these images for marketing purposes with the prior and express permission of the participant(s) capture in the photo or video. A box on the disclaimer form also allows you to indicate if you do not wish for photography of yourself / your children to be used for marketing purposes.



The scheduling of a slot into a session on a Chel-Ski slope or slope hire for a 1:1 session, family time, children’s parties, school bookings, corporate events or parties for adults.


A Chel-Ski session is the overall period of your booking, normally one hour, excluding the time before and after your session has run its course.

Slope Time

The length of time within any one session that a customer will be on the slope. Note: during a customer's slope time, he / she may not be skiing or snowboarding for the entirety of that time. For example, a skier or snowboarder may be taking instruction from the instructor; or a customer may have fallen over necessitating the slope to have been stopped.


During a Chel-Ski session, there will be a number of customers. Each utilises or occupies a slot within that session.


A document, whether in hardcopy form or electronic, which entitles its owner or holder to a slot within a Chel-Ski session.


A person making / who has made the booking or a person participating in a session (can be the same person).


A person who is taking part in a session (this may not be the person who made the booking).





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